How To Reduce Holiday Stress in Pets

How To Reduce Holiday Stress in Pets

It’s hard to keep a schedule over the holidays. With guests coming to your home, parties and reunions happening more frequently, and a general change of routine, it’s not hard to imagine that your pet will become confused and stressed because of it. While the holidays are a great time to spend with loved ones and friends, having pets can make things slightly more difficult. If pet owners make no effort to accommodate their dogs or cats, it can result in them developing a great dislike for the holidays and becoming stressed. If your pet is already easily-stressed, during the holidays they are even more likely to become anxious or reactive.

Signs of Stress In Pets

  • Tail wagging stiffly
  • Shaking or shivering
  • Yawning and lip licking
  • Snapping and growling
  • Averted gaze and wide eyes

Helping Your Pet Stay Relaxed During The Holidays

There are numerous techniques you can use to lower your pet’s stress level during the holidays. Here are some of them.

Give Them A Visitors-Free Zone

Consider locking your pet up in a safe location with toys and other goodies to help them stay calm and away from having to deal with the commotion caused by humans if you are hosting a party or having guests. To ensure that visitors are not permitted in the room, a sign can be placed on the door. This can also give you some peace of mind since it removes the possibility that a visitor will unintentionally let your pet outside. Knowing that your visitors and pets are secure will allow you to enjoy the festivities.

Comfort Them Through Any Loud Noises

When the new year arrives, with it comes loud noises and pyrotechnics, which both cats and dogs can find very alarming. If you’re at home with them, make sure you comfort them through all of the loud noises and stay by their side. You can also create a safe, comfortable spot for your pets to unwind if you aren't around to soothe them. Play relaxing music or leave the television on to divert their attention. White noise generators are another great choice. Speak to the veterinarians at Ridgeline Veterinary Clinic if you are worried about your pet's nervousness. Your pet might be given medication to take just before a potentially loud or stressful situation, per their prescription.

Keep Them Away From Toxic Food

The holidays introduce a lot of special foods and snacks that can be appealing to your pets, but are terrible for them! Don't leave leftovers or any food in places where they can get to them, such as on counters or in bags on the floor. Problems such as vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, or pancreatitis can not only create stress for your pet, but they can also be fatal.

Ultimately, we all want our pets to have a nice holiday season and enjoy the joyful winter days as much as we do. Supporting your pet companion over the stressful holiday season can also help you feel less stressed yourself. By being prepared and attending to your pet’s needs, you can lessen or prevent accidents caused by stress, and assist in reducing or eliminating their undesirable stress-related behavior. Ridgeline Veterinary Clinic in Cathedral City, CA a call if you have any questions about how to keep your pets stress-free this holiday season, we'll be more than happy to help.