Getting Your Pet Ready For The Holidays

Getting Your Pet Ready For The Holidays

The end of the year can be pretty hectic since there are so many celebrations, and your pet can find all of this extra excitement and action to be too much. Not to mention the additional decorations, sounds, smells, and people. Because of this, many pet owners may be concerned about how their furry friend will react to the storm of activity that comes with the holiday season. At the same time, when visitors come over, we all want to keep our pets on their best behavior, especially if they're energetic, already stressed out or anxious, or just aren't used to visitors.

The holidays are a lovely time for family and friends to gather at home, but this can be stressful for your pets if they aren't used to having strangers in their homes. To add to it, with all the decorations, presents, and food, there is also a heightened chance of illness or injury around Christmastime. If you’re looking for ways to make your pet feel more comfortable and not have a terrible time during the holidays, make sure to use some of these tips.

How To Keep Your Pet Happy Over The Holidays

Give them some alone time! Even if your pet is able to endure the Christmas chaos, it's still a good idea to occasionally take them out of the action. The proactive use of alone time can help you avoid placing unreasonable demands on your pet. Put your pet in its crate or urge everyone to go to its spot in a quiet room during family mealtimes. Your pet may relax and refuel while you concentrate on your feast.

Routine is key To experience a stress-free holiday season, make sure to maintain your pet's typical schedule as much as possible. Prior to the start of the Christmas season, schedule some extra time for walks, games, and dinners. It’s crucial to maintain a fairly typical routine for your pets, such as exercise and eating since this can help them feel at least some sense of comfort and familiarity. 

What To Do If You’re Traveling Over The Holidays

If you’re going away from home, make sure you visit your vet first! At least 2-6 weeks before any trip, bringing your pet in for a checkup is always important. This will allow your veterinarian to conduct a thorough examination of your pet, ensure all vaccines and treatments your pet may need are current and discuss the most effective parasite preventatives for your pet in the region you're traveling to.

The reason why it's recommended to do this at least two weeks before your anticipated trip is because if your pet needs a booster shot, getting it in advance will give its immune system enough time to respond to the shot and be at its best while you're away.

Consider your pet's needs and try not to create unnecessary stress during this chaotic time. It may seem like a lot of effort, but preparing your home and your pet for the holidays will help ensure that everyone has a good time at this wonderful time of year. Your pet will appreciate it!

If you want to learn how to distinguish between excitement and worry in your pet, get in touch with your trusted veterinarians at Ridgeline Veterinary Clinic in Cathedral City, CA. We provide a variety of services to help you keep your pets healthy and happy all year.